3 definitions by Sam and Chris

The twinge in a girl's eye after he takes it out of her ass and puts it in her mouth, the ol'ATM! MMMM, good.......
I live to see the shit squint in a girl's eye when she tastes her own fecal matter......
by Sam and Chris January 20, 2007
A peeping tom who lives out of his VW camper van and frequents local beaches/hot spots spanking his pud while scamming on chicks.
Why pay 20 bucks for a show at the local peep show when you can get spanktervision at Ocean Beach for free???
by Sam and Chris January 14, 2007
When a girl gives you a blow job and you pull her head back, throw up in her mouth and proceed to face fuck her until she yacks all over your shit.
Man, I had baby bird sex last night in the bathroom at Dennys, it was awesome!!!!!
by Sam and Chris January 20, 2007

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