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2 definitions by Sam Zgi

A female who seems attrative under a drunk man's eyes, while in reality, shes just plain ass ugly.
"Dude shes brown-note..you're so drunk"
Andrew:"Sam, don't A-sqaure me get the fuck out of here.."
Sam:"Shes brown-note, i just saved your ass."
by Sam Zgi January 14, 2008
-When a friend or person prevents one from hooking up with a potential mate.
-When a 3rd party male comes in between a couple or steps in between a conversation between two people of the opposite sexs and cuts the tension, while the guy or girl attempts to flurt with the other sex. (aka Clock-block)
"Dude!!..get the fuck out of here, dont a-square me."
"Yo Sam, check that douchebag out,he's with your girl...go a-sqaure that shit.
"I a-sqaured your drunk ass, shes fucking brownote."
by Sam Zgi January 14, 2008