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Chav are scum they have this idea that they are the most important people around and that anyone who is not a chav is like dirt WRONG! they are the dirt.

They stand around in groups of at least a minimum of 5 people incase they get into a fight,theyre wimps really it takes 5 chavs to take on a normal person or they get too scared and run off.

They hang around on street corners trying to look "gangsta",thats 1 of theyre words from theyre limited vocabulary.some of their words from their language include,gangsta,bruv,in da house,wat you looking at,ya starting,got any fags mate,i got totally pissed last night,and number 1 on the top 10 chav remarks INNIT but still the list go's on.There is no point trying to communicate with a chav you will get more of a understandable response from a dog even a wall,and any reply you do get back you wont understand.Anyt response you think you do understand believe me you dont.They think that burberry and hoodies make you look cool but really they just look like twats

They like the idea of have a criminal record because they think it makes them "ard".They are constantly getting given ASBO's (anti social behaviour order).Some of the even stupider ones try to look cool by shaving half their eyebrow off.One big question WHY!.The boy chavs are usually obsessed with football(soccer for you americans) and bmx bikes

The chav way of having fun is by looking "ard" on street corners listening to music on their mobiles where you can even understand what they are saying.staying out all night then dont go to school the next day because of hang overs.
They ignore the fact that you are standing there.For instance say there is a 10 ft gap either side of you a chav will walk straight into you as if your not there then not only that but you get a remark like (watch where your going or ya starting).Chavs have no manners such as your walking along and they walk into you or hit you and if you think your going to hear sorry or excuse me you wont.If anything they will try to start a fight with you.If you walk within 10 ft of a chav you will get abuse thrown at you.

I could keep going all day but i have stuff do unlike a chav.
In a summary
1.stay away from chavs
2.dont try to communicate with a chav it wont work
3.if you are a chav youre a very sad person
4.you will find chavs in their natural habitat around street corners or outside off licencis asking for alchohol
5.learn to spot the sign asnd you can see the twats 100 yards off
6most people have better things to do in life rather than be a chav
7.you will find them stacking shelves in your local shopping center
8.they havbe no future plans apart from what you doing the saturday night
9.Chavs are scum
10.and the scariest of all in a couple of years these people will be bringing up the future generation and running the country
There is no example you just have to experience chavs yourselve
by Sam T October 06, 2006

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