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annoying, retarded, frustrating, annything that bothers you. people use the word "gay" and it gets annoying to hear others say "how is it GAY?" so u say "gEy" and things will be OK!
Mom: take out the trash, billy!
Billy: god, ur so GEY
Dad: do ur homework billy!
Billy: homework is friking GEY
by sam i am August 09, 2005
a masochistic role (see BDSM) wherein the role player achieves sexual gratification from experiencing varying levels of pain, usually at the hand(s) of a Master/Mistress.
That guy was such a pain slut that he was begging Me to punch him after I stomped on his balls.
by Sam I Am July 28, 2003
the only proper response when someone says "no way" to your assertion(s).
'Dude, my pops confiscated my stash!'
'Dude, no way!'
by Sam I Am July 28, 2003
Having the physical and psychic strength to complete any task.
Alex was a pussy beacuase he couldn't get it up a third time that hour. He had no GRIT.
by Sam I Am July 28, 2003
slang spanish for the word 'penis'
Tu' penuse es pequeno.
"Your penis is small"
by sam i am November 24, 2003
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