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The little bumps all around your nipples. Some of them have hairs coming out of them, some are actually filled with white stuff like a zit. Girls with too many nipple helpers are unattactive in each and every way.
Dam that bitch fly like a mutta fucka-speaker 1
Na B, it looks like she has a million little helper nipples -speaker 2
word she has lots of nipple helpers -speaker 1
I wouldn't fuck her with a 10 foot pole -speaker 2
nipple helpers on chicks are fucking gross -speaker 1
by Sam Freihofer February 22, 2007
If two people do something arguably gayish but neither of them is actually gay it is deemed ungayish. There is a point at which the law no longer applys, sex with guys or touching dongs is still gay, no matter what
Person 1: "i'm not gay, are you gay?"
Person 2: "no..."
Person 1: "so it's not gay."
Person 2: "Word, No Homo."
by Sam Freihofer February 22, 2007
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