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To Tell everyone that what you did is bad , knowning all the way that what you did is good , just so everybody says the opposite .
Usualy used by women .
Number One :
EmoGothgirl666 : OMG , My blog is made of shit >_< (By The Way , eveyone is made of)
EmoboyLestatDarkness : Don't say that , it's great ^^ !!! !! !!
Useful Idiot : Stop talking shit -_- .
We don't need False Modesty around here ...

Number Two :
GeekBeauty : I'm not good looking , I'm ugly >_____<
D00D : No , you really are :Shamed: ^^' !! ! !!! !! !
#lying #crap #bullshit #bs #talking shit
by Salmoneus June 15, 2007
Old Geezer Speaking Syndrome Or Fuddy-Duddy Speaking Syndrome (FDSS).
When a approximately young person speaks like a bitter/wise old guy who had a full crappy long life .
Dude 1°:Freakin' kids with there slim jeans and their slut-looking makeups ...
A wasted generation ...
Dude 2°: OGSS Spotted !
#fuddy-duddy #syndrome #bitter #wise #geezer #old
by Salmoneus September 20, 2007
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