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8 definitions by Sally the Ragdoll

One who cuts themselves to releive themselves from an emotional pain.

Cutting is not something one advertises, and when someone does cut they are generally ashamed and hide it as well as they can.

Can be done with any sharp object, such as, but not limited to, knives, razors, broken glass, broken cd's, scissors, and safety pins.
SomeGirl: OMG, I adore Emily, she is *sooo* sweet!!!
AnotherGirl: Yea...I spied on her in the shower and she had slashes all over her thighs... she so cuts herself...
by Sally the Ragdoll February 26, 2005
Well educated underground rapper born in Peru and from New York. He tends to not worry about who he offends in his songs, and simply spits his opinion. Quite talented, although not widely known. He somewhat recently turned down a deal from Sony so as to remain independant.
Devils used to be gods, angels that fell from the top
there's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot

I'm falling and I can't turn back

he turned away from the woman that had once given him birth
and crying out to the sky cause he was lonely and scared
but only the devil responded, cause god wasn't there
and right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold
and so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul

so when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
because the dance with the devil might last you forever

*Dance With the Devil* *Immortal Technique*
by Sally the Ragdoll January 23, 2005
Bon Chic Bon Genre.. A french term meaning good taste or style, referring to clothing. Similiar to our preppy.. it also is a store that sells moderately high end clothes, shoes, and handbags.
The new girl at school is BCBG

I got the cutest purse at BCBG
by Sally The Ragdoll June 30, 2005
Good band, not very widely known. Originated in Atlanta. They have 3 album's out, working on a 4th...

They tend to play heavy rock, their producer is Butch Walker...
It takes time
To heal the wound I've made along the way
If I'm blind
Open my eyes 'cause I need to see again
If I can feel again
Will you tell me now
Or wait til I'm broken down again
Save me now
I'm broken
If I bleed
My lies won't fill the emptiness inside
I just need
For something real to open up my mind
Breaking down
I'm breaking down
Breaking down
I'm breaking down
It takes time
If I can feel again
Will you tell me now
Or wait til I'm broken down again
Save me now
I'm broken
If I can feel again
Will you tell me now
Or wait til I'm broken down again
Save me now
I'm broken
It takes time
Breaking down
I'm breaking down
If I can feel again

*broken down*
by Sally the Ragdoll February 25, 2005
The best movie in the world, starring Jack and Sally the Ragdoll. Based on the poem by Tim Burton, which only actaully has 3 characters. (Jack, Santa, and Zero, Jack's ghost dog.)
My dearest friend,
if you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side
Where we could gaze into the stars
and sit together, now and forever
for it is plain, as anyone can see,
We're simply meant to be

^ Jack and Sally's duet.
by Sally the Ragdoll January 02, 2005
Yet another excellent movie from Tim Burton, about a young man, (Victor) who is to marry the daughter of an influental and very rich family in his town (Victoria). He goes out into the woods, practicing his vows for his wedding the next day, and accidently becomes married to a 'corpse bride' (Emily). The movie has some interesting turns involving a murder, bankrupsy, and, of course, 'true' love. It is definatly worth your time to watch if you have not seen it yet.
The Corpse Bride is an amazing movie and very entertaining for audiences of all ages.
by Sally The Ragdoll January 01, 2006
New Hip-Hop artist, best known for her single called "Girlfight" featuring Lil Jon and Bigboi
There's about to be a girlfight
by Sally the Ragdoll March 10, 2005