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mc·ar·chi·tect Audio Help /ˈɑrkɪˌtɛkt/ mik-ahr-ki-tekt Pronunciation Key

1. a person who engages in the profession of architecture by wearing all black clothes, black-rimmed glasses, square-toed shoes, and a scarf. (The "get-up" of a McArchitect does not change. For example, a McArchitect would wear the above-mentioned outfit in the summer, while mountain climbing, or while swimming in the arctic.

2. a person professionally engaged in the design of quasi-neo space/time/continuum/phenomenogistical/metaphysical blankets. aka poop freeze.

3. the deviser, maker, or creator of anything: the McArchitects of the World - Barney, Mary Poppins, Samuel Adams, Samuel Jackson, These guys

4. to McPlan, McOrganize, or McStructure as an architect: a super-sized douche-bag. Also, a douche-douche, double-douche with fries, douche-duo no pickles, no onions, extra mustard.

–verb (used with object)
Origin: 1555-2007; < L architectus > Gk architéktōn, equiv. to Gk archi- archi- + tektōn builder, craftsman. < L Mc > USA! McDonald's, equiv. to USA! Mc Kennedy, first theoretical McArchitect
Big Bobby: Wow, that McMansion is well McArchitected. Stupid Kid: I wanna be a McArchitect when I'm all growed up!

Samuel L Jackson: Man, fuck you son!
by Sakul January 19, 2010

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