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200 definitions by Saints

Very nasty stuff.
I hate cream of wheat
by Saints September 29, 2003
20 48
A good pop substitute.
I like orange, cherry, lemon, or grape kool-aid
by Saints November 04, 2003
13 45
To hit someone in the nose or in the throat so hard that a person dies from it.
I dry-gulched Valerie.
by Saints September 28, 2004
24 60
Midwestern state, that borders, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and Lake Erie to the North
I was on my way to Ohio for the holidays and for some homemade cherry pie.
by Saints October 06, 2003
61 99
The worst crap Pepsi ever made.
Man, get that Berry Blue Pepsi out of my face. You drink that crap!!!!
by Saints September 17, 2003
17 55
Not as good as the Lakers.
I rather watch the Lakers.
by Saints November 10, 2003
27 69
Learning meaningful stuff while you're in school
"Say no to drugs, stay in school and get a good education."

Nancy Reagan's 1985 Anti-Drug campaign.
by Saints October 20, 2003
23 65