200 definitions by Saints

Very good stuff, strong cherry flavor
Cherry Coke ROCKS
by Saints September 20, 2003
Racing dog.

A bus that goes state to state.
by Saints November 06, 2003
Tart/sweet berries. Used in Strawberry shortcakes, can be found in domestic, or wild forms.
I don't like strawberries.
by Saints November 10, 2003
Someone who cares for children from birth generally up to 12.

Or someone who can't behave themselves on the job.
I once had an in-house babysitter named Warren, me and my friend named Joe had a quick 5 minute game of Monday Nite Football.

Warren came out of the office, saw us, and kicked our ass.
by Saints October 19, 2003
To lie down in a bed, and doze off into dreamland.
I'm tired of posting on this site, I'm going to lie down and go to sleep
by Saints November 09, 2003
Rodney King, Darryl Strawberry, Rae Carruthe, Jason Williams.
by Saints October 29, 2003
24-7 of crimes, trials, and dramas.
I love Court Tv
by Saints October 13, 2003

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