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1 definition by Sah-An-Eye'd

A webiste originally used for maplestory auctioning... now commonly used for attetion grabbers, spammers, forum games, grammer abusers, "post your real picture", sex offenders, maple gossip, Random shit, suicide talk, life complaints, advice, flame wars, rate my pic, funny videos, online slang abusers, Lol's to Wtf's, Tiger Fans, posting pictures, and etc.

People in basilmarket can vary from ages 6 to 80. Most of them don't even play the game maplestory. They just go there to talk about stuff. And most people dont give a crap

"I quit maplestory, but i still go on basilmarket."

"Let's go trade at basilmarket."
by Sah-An-Eye'd November 18, 2007