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Little tits the size of mosquito bites as on young children or skinny women
yo did you see her little mosquito bite tits
yeah i hate that double D's for me man
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007
Warlem is the (ghetto)-est place in Warren New Jersey even though it is a very nice town with alot of rich kids.
Sageums:yo where in Warlem are you
ginger: i'm by the middle school by the dick spray painted on the wall in the project adventure thing
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007
when you pull you sack up to your wang and it looks like a turtle
Hey tim look its the TURTLE!!!!
Ewww kevin thats nasty
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007
The Ginger and Sageums word it means SEX but with every base, ex: second base (copin' a feel) you would say 6th hole for second base because first base is the first hole and there are four bases and with every base it is an interval of six and then 12th hole for third base and then 18th hole for going all the way, but if you get to 18th hole (or like the 6th hole for us kids in warlem) you would say "Hole in One" becuase you made it all the way but you can only say it if its the first date.
DiceGolf is simply this:
First base=1st hole
Second base=6th hole
Third base=12th hole
Fourth base or all the way (pretty much sex)=18th hole
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007
The act of taking a shit in a girls pussy (hot pocket) and then eating her out.
Steve: hey babe my friend said you like Arabian hot pockets
Tina: yeah man those are the best
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007

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