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The act of voting in a politic election simply based on religion, sex, or ethnicity. One who practices politicism is called a politicist. Being a politicist might tie in with also being a racist or sexist.
Some people believe the reason that Oprah and Tyra supported Obama is because they were being politicist, comitting an act of politicism.

Lady: I'd vote for Obama if this were a male election but my feminist instincts tell me to go with Hilary.
by sagesunDae February 11, 2008
A cool internet radio site that is built for the popular game called MapleStory Global. They hand out NX cash and other cool stuff for free; about four times as much as FagBag-Radio.
Dude I used to listen to FagBag-Radio but heard of this awesome new station called MapleWave!

Why are they so much better?

Because...MapleWave>FagBag, and more NX, and its free, and FagBag Radio is run by a fagbag.

by SageSundae November 14, 2007
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