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A chimp/orangutan who fucks somebody and dumps the corpse in a lay-by then admits ,"checks in", itself to a mental home
I heard Clyde from Every Which Way But Loose did a Dunston on Clint Eastwood. Poor bastard
by safetywipe March 11, 2009
An ordinary combination of two words on there own, but when combined and said in an indian accent (pronounced muddah chodd") along with a hand resembling a upturned claw, the meanings are vast. Scholars maintain the translation was lost thousands of years ago, but Nostradamus is quoted as saying "When the year reaches twenty ten, Muddah Chodd"
"Ok smart guy, if a train was traveling at 34km from london and another train was traveli....."
"Mother Chode"
by safetywipe March 11, 2009
A clit so huge in size it resembles a penis.
"Full moon, half moon, Turbo Clit"

"Damn moon, watch your turbo clit when doing the safety wipe, you nearly knocked it"
by Safetywipe March 11, 2009
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