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A small yet trendy college town located in North Eastern Kansas. Unlike most places in KS, Lawrence is very hilly. The town has a population of about 84,000 and has experienced an amazing population boom as anyone forced to drive on L-town's poorly planned streets will tell you. House prices are skyrocketing. In the 1880s the city was burnt to the ground by Quantrail and his gang of retards (from Missouri of course). It has since been rebuilt and prospered greatly. If you absolutely must live in KS, you can settle for Lawrence. Nearly half of Lawrence's population attends the University of Kansas. Many KU students are from KS, including but not limited to hicks from tiny towns out west, refugees from dying cities like Topeka or Wichita and preppy deuce bags from the JC (Lenexa, Overland Park etc) but many are from other states as well as other countries. Though not as well known as KC to non-Kansans, Lawrence has achieved its own local recognition as a place to learn, meet cool people and smoke lots and LOTS of marijuana. Lawrence is the weed capital of Kansas and a good place to grab a bag on your way back to Denver.
Lawrence was voted as one of the nation's top college towns; I don't know about that, it's certainly beats Columbia Missouri. Lawrence is in Douglas County.

by Safe Ride Rudy October 20, 2005

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