4 definitions by Saeed Al Maktoum

A Kenyan usurper who posed as the 44th President of the United States of America, but who was unable to produce an actual birth certificate showing his eligibility for the post.
Nigbama's health care plan is going to send us all into bankruptcy.
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010
A small minded person in a position of authority; a petty tyrant.
The commander in cheese told me to lie to the customer about why the project is late again. How about if I just tell the customer that the project is late because the commander in cheese is a bad engineer?
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010
An African American who reached the highest echelons in the United States government due to promotions by conservative Republicans, but who then went tribal on us and supported the first Negro candidate for President, Barack Hussein Obama, due to race rather than agreement with his political positions.
General Colin Powell betrayed all he believed in and all he worked for his entire career in order to be seen as publicly supporting another black man for the Presidency.
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010
A very dishonest businessman and selfish person.
He's being very Cao about that - not even caring if his wife and kids are killed by feral ghetto residents as long as he gets his money.
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010

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