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Discrimination against someone based on their race. It is very commonly thought that racism is only when "white" people discriminate against "black" people. The truth is that anyone of any race can be racist. "White" people are constantly being called racist and can't seem to do anything involving "black" people with out someone going crook. "Black" people are rarely, if ever called racist.
"Black" people often acuse "white" people of being racist when things don't go their way or when they want something.

If you think this definiton has been racist, you are very stupid.
I'd sure like to be a black kid, so then I could pull out the ol' racism card whenever things don't go my way.
by sadistic_monkey July 23, 2006
1. Australian/British etc. for Sweater.

2. Someone who commits suicide by jumping from a high place, normally a tall buiulding. Can be used to describe someone who is about to jump, or someone who already has.

3. A jump shot in basketball.

4. A girl who constantly changes partners.
1. "Looks cold outside. Better put on a jumper."

2. "Oh oh, looks like we have a jumper on the roof."

3. "Wow! Did you see that jumper from the free throw line?

4. "Becky was with Micheal last week, now she's with Jason."
by sadistic_monkey July 08, 2006
Phrase used when you don't care about what someone has just complained about.
Person: But that's not fair, you got more than me!

Me: Well stiff shit.
by sadistic_monkey July 11, 2006
An Alt. Rock/Post hardcore band from New Jersey. Often abreviated to 'mcr' or 'My chem.' Cops a lot of flak for no paticular reason. Constantly labled Goth, emo etc. just because a few of the band members have Black hair and wear small amounts of makeup. They aren't the same as Simple Plan or Good Charlette who bitch about how crap their lives are. Their songs have moving, almost poetic lyrics.
Most haters base their opinions entirely on 'I'm not okay' which, whilst not a bad song, is definetly not their best. Check out something more like 'Thank you for the venom' or 'Headfirst for halos'.
It's alright if you don't particulary like MCR, just give them a fair go, listen to more than a few songs, and don't say stuff like "MCR SUX! FUCK OFF YOU PISSY EMO FAGS".
Also, if you do like them, don't start saying things like "Z0MFG MCR PWNZ U NOOBS". That just creates a bad name for mcr.
Smart person1: " I heard a bit of their stuff and I don't really like it".

Stupid person2: "OMFG MCR ROX!!!!!!! IF U DONT LIKE THEM U ARE A FAg!!!!!!!!!!"
Smart person2: "My chemical romance is definetly one of my favourite bands. I love their music".
by sadistic_monkey July 21, 2006
Slang for semen, when a chick swallows it.
Guy getting a blowjob: Mmmm, here comes your protein supplement.
by sadistic_monkey September 19, 2006
A person who feels the need to do the opposite of everyone else just to be cool. They constantly call people who don't try to be individual "sheep". This is quite ironic really, becasue the only reason they decided to become an individual in the first place was because everyone else was.
Individual: OMG you like mainstream music! You are so unindividual! Stop liking stuff becasue everyone else does you sheep!

Me: And why is it you became individual?
by sadistic_monkey July 23, 2006
If you spell 'Chuck Norris' in scrabble, you win. Forever.
I spelt Chuck Norris. I have won.
by Sadistic_monkey April 24, 2006

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