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A county in the midlands of England. Home of the reverse cowgirl sex position, highest percentage of men with penises above the national average (with girth). The slaggy/slutty/fittest/rape target women.
Guy: damn, did ya hear about that fit girl who got raped by the man with shlong hung like a horse?
Guy 2: no, where did this happen?
Guy: Warwickshire!!!!!
Guy 2: That explains it.
by Sad git January 03, 2012
This is a sexual act where the male delivers a small, brown baby on the female's chest area, and then spunks on it. The male then sits on the female, with his arse lathered in shit and spunk, and then wipes his arse all over the female body.

This is usually performed by Asians.
Sarah Jessica Parker: I just got molled!!
Friend: I love the mole
by Sad git January 03, 2012
Cumming on your hand and slapping someone around the face.
Guy: Dude, I totally gave that girl a wet fish!!
by Sad git January 03, 2012

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