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brown babies is a slang word for poop. This term was made famous by and
Hey, be right back. I'm going to go make some brown babies in the pool.
by Ingrid_Bloom May 20, 2008
to take a shit; used derrogatorily to say that african american babies are in direct relation to human fecal matter
"Hold on man i gotta go make me some brown babies..."
"Daaaamn you shoulda seen the size of those brown babies i just dropped off at the pool"
by C January 03, 2004
(n) a Shit taken by a woman that is pushed through the vaginal tract and plops into the toilet.
Francesca pushed out a brown baby through her sandy vagina

Gaby was surprised to push out a brown baby after thinking she was 9 months pregnant.
by BlackPhantom December 16, 2011
The product of sexual relations between a black and a white person. An extremely common occurrence on council estates throughout the UK, in particular London. Young white ladies of such areas believe the young black men to be more desirable than the local white men because they are able to string two words together and are more adept at lying to get their way into the young lady's underwear. The women are flattered by such falsehoods as "You're beautiful, innit?" and also believe the urban myth that all black men have massive appendages.
The white man/black woman phenomenon does occur but is much less frequent.
"Aaah, look at Delroy and Nick's lovely brown baby"
by Eihab May 11, 2004
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