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A friend of ours who recently achieved 70 range. Also known to be a member of the fire and wind stryke team for pking. His personal quote, "What's a gort?"
-Matey Pirate out.
The gortboy loves to pk with friends.
The gortboy has a character called water stryke.
by Sact3 and Alex July 16, 2004
A fun moderator of the pokevalley oekaki and also known to have a deviant art account. Known for her wonderful works she is one of the main moderators who comes to the oekaki. Known by many people such as Sactourism3 and Ranzar (Alex). Currently has 3 archived pictures. An excellent drawer. "We hope to see more drawings in the future." -Sact3.
-Pirate matey out.
The bubblez recently archived a picture because she liked it so much.

Bubblez draws fantastically
by Sact3 and Alex July 16, 2004
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