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It's just like meeting Master Timbo from runescape! (Australia!!!!) Simply amazing!
Known by thousands on DA, Lugiassoul is a amazing artist who draws pictures ranging from pokemon and beyond. We wonder what will come out next?
Known for never being able to let go of caffine! ^^
Eye apparent to Lugiasspirit!
Master Timbo meeting Lugiassoul? Simply crazy!
Wonderful pictures done by the magnificent Lugiassoul!
by Sact3 March 23, 2005
WOOT WOOT make way for Ayladragon (Known once as absol)!!!!!
Once known for going to the pokevalley oekaki, she has become a legend!
Simply amazing artworks on DA. Check it out!
-Known by the mad Sact3 and Alejo43 (Alex)
Ayladragon enjoys Garet from GoldenSun
Hoohohh, cheers to Ayladragon
by Sact3 March 23, 2005
Words from Sage of the west:
Follow your dreams!
Sagewitch a person who attends oekakis all over the world. A highly respected person who has astounding drawing skills.
"Never have I ended the day with enjoyment of these pictures" -Sact3
Constantly draws on Dev art and beyod!
"Yohoho and a bottle of rum!"
-Sagewitch was known as Xia at one point
-Enjoyable pictures!
by Sact3 March 23, 2005
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