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Acronym for "Fucking Die Already," an abbreviation for the more exasperated use of J.F.D.A., which means "Just Fucking Die Already."

Usage can be as an interjection, or an imperative (i.e. a command).
Jesus H. Christ, would you F.D.A. - you're driving 10 miles under the speed limit, fucktard!

Oh, F.D.A., this asshole is riding the brake in the fast lane again.
by SackofNuts October 28, 2012
Just Fucking Die Already. Conveniently it also is the acronym for the Jewish Funeral Directors Association, but Just Fucking Die Already is a polite way of saying to someone, "Just fucking die already."

Akin to S.T.F.U., J.F.D.A. is meant to be used in mixed company when you can't text, email or say what's really on your mind. Often shortened to "F.D.A." or "Fucking Die Already."
My English professor needs to J.F.D.A., we have 3 papers due this week as it is...F.M.L.
by SackofNuts October 28, 2012
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