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Dick Eating Assholes
The DEA are assholes that do nothing but harass innocent stoners and sit around eating dick
#stoners #fuck the police #mother fucker #break da law #fuck pigs
by SacTown Sucks March 02, 2009
Citrus Heights California. Breeding ground for snitchin ass bitches. Include cops that will ignore violent criminals such as murderers and robbers but will swarm like fuckin locus if they even suspect somebody is smoking weed. Full of dumbasses who think they the shit but back out of fights the first chance they get.
Fuck this snitchville ass town
#sniches #cant trust nobody #fuck sactown #dont move here #shitty ass town
by SacTown Sucks March 02, 2009
Scum of the earth. Faggots who got they ass kicked every day of high school so now they take all they anger out on innocent civilians. Any time they see a minority with a dark unidentified object they assume its a gun. Any time they see group of minoritys they assume its a gang. Complete abuse of power and waste of tax dollars. In my town they will ignore murderers and robbers then go after niggas who aint doin shit. They are hypocrites they say fighting is wrong but will attack u if u dont do what they tell u. they will arrest u if u carry a gun but they are never seen without one. they will arrest u for having weed, tell u not to do it, then go smoke it at their house and think they are dying. any minority in a nice car they will think he/she stole it and pull them over. there own personal hatred will drive them to beat and even sometimes kill minoritys: the case of baron pikes where officer scott nugent tasered the black man while he was in handcuffs until he died. even if they are not racist they are still corrupt like the case in missori where a boy with a broken back and ankle was tasered 19 times while he was already lying on the ground. in the end they are all faggots that are given to much power
like that other guys said the police should change they motto from protect and serve to protect nobody and serve ourselves
#stoners #fuck the police #mother fucker #break da law #fuck pigs
by SacTown Sucks March 02, 2009
Incorrect term of pig. To be a fat lazy slob and roam around beating innocent civilians until they do what you ask. If they try to defend themselves in any way brute force will be used until the civilian is either severally injured or dead. This applies to women and small children. The footage of the beating will often be "misplaced" before a trial has begun. Contrary to popular believe pigs are not obligated to protect us. This means if you need help and they do not come you cant sue them for the recovery you may need.

Pigs are often extremely violent with women and young children. In Shreveport a drunken women was punched, kicked, and thrown against the wall by a pig until she almost died. She later suffered from severe injuries. In the video the women was sitting in a chair then the camera was covered with a cloth, when the cloth was removed the women was on the floor bleeding heavily. In Chicago young Gregory Jones was hit by an unmarked pig car, his spinal cord was severed. He died about a day later. The pigs then tried to cover the murder up by saying they were chasing a black vehicle and trying to get the license plate number. Witnesses say they saw no black car.

Pigs will often ignore serious crimes such as murder and rape. In one case two burglars broke into a house of 3 young women. 2 of the women hide upstairs and called the pig station and were assured the pigs were close by. 1 of the women was trapped downstairs with the robbers. The 2 women upstairs had to listen to their friend scream but could do nothing. 30 minutes had passed and the screaming had stopped. The 2 women upstairs assumed the pigs had come. When they went downstairs the robbers were still there. For the next 48 hours the 3 women were raped and forced to commit sexual acts with each other.
The police officer ate his donut, watched, and did nothing to help as the psychopath fired shots into the preschool.
#break da law #fuck da police #pig #fuckin bitch #donut
by SacTown Sucks March 03, 2009
A douche bag usually found stalking the kids on the campus of Mesa Verde High School. Known to walk funny do the fact of taking it up the ass from 9 inch cock. Sticks ferrets up his ass to clean the jiz stains out his anus from his second job as a male-prostitute. Does nothing at lunch except stare at me and my friends. Expelled one of my best friends. Gets kids in trouble even thought its before/after school and they are nowhere near the campus. Rides around like a faggot in his gay little golf cart.
That guy was molesting that kid behind the locker room? Ugh he must be a Randy.
#faggot #cum dumpster #cock sucker #bitch #cunt
by SacTown Sucks February 26, 2009
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