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neo-hippie is not anything of the above. it is not simply a vegeatarian, a pothead, a tie-dye wearer, someone who does not shower regularly, a rights activist, a person interested in spirituality or a person conserned with nature. a neo-hippy can not be defined or categorised, but may be someone who wants to take a stand for what they believe, wheather political or otherwise, someone who believes in peace and love, or someone who can identify with the values of other people labelled as 'neo-hippies'
some people see me as a neo-hippie because i protest, smoke wacky tobackey, seek spiritual enlightenment and care about the enviroment.
by sarah June 18, 2006
To have sex with someone, usually someone you're cheating with
"He been creeping with other women all over town, why you defending him?"
by Sarah May 21, 2003
south africa - the best country ever! so so so nice and hot! gorgeous beaches, hot sun, sexy lads what more can you ask for! the best time to go is winter time in england - summer time in south africa. still nice and hot in april but starts gettting colder around end of may until about middle of september. temperatures don't go lower than 10degrees in pretoria nt much lower than that in durban. cape town is the coldest at that time. a really nice place to go is sun city in pilanesburg.
absolutely beautiful country, does have a few minor bad points. but overall wicked. nicest places to go are durban, sun city, cape town, pilanesburg safari, mpumalanga, noth western province. good word to use over there is - lekker -
by sarah March 17, 2005
or it could just be food...
I loveses my bacon.

Sarah: God. I love bacon.
Lauren: Dude, I know. I know.
by Sarah April 15, 2005
usually an irish/asian guy who hides his true feelings. His love for someone is very complex. He may love a certain person, but another close person even more without showing any emotion towards that person.
colin has always wanted to be with Teresea, but secretely with Gessie.
by Sarah December 13, 2004
The new fad, trend, or style of the moment.

Background: Since black is always in style in the fashion industry, saying something is "the new black" means that it is the hottest new thing. This phrase can be used to call out the "coolness" of anything, it's not just limited to the fashion world
"Striptease aerobics is the new black."

"I just love your yellow purse. Yellow is the new black this season."
by Sarah February 15, 2005
Professor I'd Like (to) Fuck
My hot, young Spanish prof is a total PILF
by Sarah December 10, 2003
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