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2 definitions by S_Christina_G

A Raunchy Professional Cocksucker.

A worthless white trash, no good, big titty, havin ass

A pitiful slut with no self worth, nor self respect

A cum guzzler who has no shame of being a filthy slut, and has also became the most well known slut of the porn industry

One who has no morals, so she sells her body for money, and licks asshole, pussy, and sucks cock for that cash
Rob: Omg did you see Jenna Jameson's new flick?

Jake: Yeah, I jerked off to her.. too bad shes nothing but a whore bag i jerk off too, i wouldnt touch someone like that in real life!
by S_Christina_G February 19, 2007
1.)A drunk slut on a rampage

2.)A whore who was found hung over sleeping in a curb

3.)A cunt who has no morals what so ever

3.) An attention hungry fiend that has her nipples flying out everywhere, and pretends to not notice
Hayley: Like Oh my God Megan, Kellie like totally pulled a Tara Reid at last weeks party

Megan: Like Oh MY God, She is like, such a like slut! like
by S_Christina_G February 19, 2007