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The newest internet bbs sensation populated by pedophiles, racists, misogynists, violent criminals, stoners, junkies, ex-junkies, sadists, and other deviants who are seeking refuge since the closure of Totse (RIP). Now wishing to present their skewed perspectives as acceptable human behaviors. Except for Bat Country they're mostly from the chans.
You: Hey Zoklet is like totse with more freedom!

Poast-Bortem!: I've got 19 infractions and am leaving forever.


Poast-Bortem!: Oh-Noes!
by SWIY April 13, 2009
Pure Evil.
Hey I was going to cure cancer but I went on facebook instead.

Hey I was going to try and meet women IRL but facebook seemed easier.

Hey I wasn't planning on stalking this girl, but it just sort of happened.

Hey I was going to hang out with my friends, but I spent it on face book instead.

Hey I was going to do something productive but I went on facebook instead

Hey Im going to break up with someone but dont want to see them while doing it....hmmm....Facebook!

Me:Hey Im going to kill all the jews....
You: I dont care Im on Facebook!

by SWIY April 13, 2009
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