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What you get when you cross a Polish person (Polock) with an Asian person (gook).
Did you see Lech and Kwan's kids yet?

Yeah, they're cute little Polooks aren't they?
#polock #gook #polish #asian #person
by SW40C October 06, 2005
What do you get when you cross a Polish person (Polock) with a Negro (black person)
Did you see Marta and Antoine's kids?

Yeah, they're cute little Polgros aren't they...
#polish #negro #polock #person #get
by SW40C October 06, 2005
A schoogie is a term adults use as a euphamism when speaking to children about dried nasal secretions (aka - boogers, snots, etc.). They often think that other adults will believe their children to be more cute and less vulgar than other children, but when this term is used at school the child is looked upon as a creature from Mars.
Don: Jimmy, gross! You have a schnoogie hanging from your nose!
Jimmy: A what?!?
Don: You know, a booger.
(All children stop looking at Jimmy and stare at Don wide-eyed)
#booger #boogers #snot #snots #schnoogy #mucous #secretion #secretions
by SW40C February 18, 2006
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