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The people saying that the SUNY schools are low quality and only attract underachieving students are DEAD WRONG.

Some SUNY schools are very reputable, very selective and ranked very well such as these ones:
- Binghamton University
- University at Buffalo
- Stony Brook University
- SUNY Geneseo

Yes, they're not on the level of the Ivy Leagues like Harvard but they are very well-respected schools and they have ultra-low tuition so you get a bang for your buck. WIN WIN SITUATION!

Actually, nowadays, about half of the SUNY schools have acceptance rates of less than 50% (even the less-reputable ones); so they're getting harder and harder to get into. Supply&Demand.
Private Univ. Student: Finally got my Bachelors Degree!!

SUNY student: Congrats, man, how much did you pay?

Private Univ. Student: Well, tuition was 40k a year so I spent 5 years there so, I only paid $200,000+room&board!!!!

SUNY Student: WTF, I went to Binghamton and only paid 6k a year; plus, my school is ranked much better than yours anyways

Private Univ. Student: *Hangs themself.
by SUNYian April 07, 2013

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