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The ghettoest high school in the Hudson Valley. With a population exeeding over 2,300 kids, about 50% of which are African American. In most cases, the black kids are very annoying, and they play cell-phone music in the hallways. It also consists of a handful of scene kids, you can find them in either Volcano Worshippers Club, or KHS tv. The preps in this school have no sense of style, and copy others around them. The black kids make up strange phrases such as "THATS NECK!" or, "You're burntttt". Most of the phrases make no sense at all, but everyone catches themselves saying it at least once or twice in their high school career. =
Kid number one: I got a madd good grade on that test son!
Kid number two: What did you get, nigga?
Kid number one: A fuckin 80!
Kid number two: That's neck! I got a 95!
Kid number one: Damnn, I'm feeling madd burnt.

Teacher: So class, what are your thoughts on Kingston High School?
Students: This is a fucking shitty ass school mo' fo'
by STUDENT AT KHS April 24, 2008

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