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the shit you have to take after drinking coffee, this shit will make you sweat that cold sweat...this shit will not wait for you to find the cleanest bathroom in your workplace...this shit won't even let you put an ass gasket down on the toilet
Abdullah: Damn Kevin you came through with those bomb doughnuts from Aroma's...wait where are you going...
Kevin: (while holding his ass) ey man...i gotta go to the bathroom, i drank some coffee this morning with my niggaz in the V and i got the turbo deuce comin...
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010
for-shit-legit: seriously, for real
Dude, I fsl lost a pint of blood when I fell off that half pipe
by streetlights June 26, 2014
the machine gun shit you get after a night of drinking and eatint taco truck food, this shit is crucial...imagine a trumpet blowing out ground beef...the bang is definately bigger then the buck
Abdullah: Hey Sarah, whats crackin? why do you look tired so early in the morning?

Sarah: Dude, I was watchin the Cardinals game last night with the homies, we threw down hella beer and then got some mexican food from the TL...that shit did somethin funky to my stomach this morning...my ass took the 15th floor bathroom over this morning, it was like a coup d'etat...i went in there with a machine gun, and came out with no prisoners...it was modern warfare 2 in that motherfucker
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010
the shit that looks like its about to jump out of the toilet...this shit is a spectacle, it resembles Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's skyhook from the 1985 Lakers
Abdullah: Whats goin on T, did you see the Warriors whoop on the Lakers last night? My nigga Monte Ellis was off the hook...

Theresa: nah man, I missed it, you know with paycuts and all...I'll I had to eat was a gang of spinach and broccoli, I hit up the bathroom at the pad and fuckin dropped a skyhook like my nigga Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010

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