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Someone who jams farts back up into the ass with your finger, clogging it.
THomas is a silly ass fart-nocker.
by STEPHEN DOUGLAS March 24, 2003
When feeling the urge to ripp ass, you release the fart with your bare ass and your cheeks spread wide apart into someone elses face.
I bumpsee on my dog Drew when i come home from school.
by STEPHEN DOUGLAS March 24, 2003
Frosty is when you do not wipe your ass thoroughly after taking a dump,th poop still in your bunghole molds.
After Arthur broke both of his arms he had a frosty ass,because he could not reach far enough to give a thorough ass wipe.
by STEPHEN DOUGLAS March 28, 2003
Pieces of loose skin on your ballsack that fall off.
Without use of lubrication while goofing off smelting occurs.
by Stephen Douglas March 29, 2003
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