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the bullshit rule that states equal rights for all. basically some fucked up law that some black man put into rule that states that a black person is to have an equal shot at the same things as a white person. not matter if they are more qualified or not. every organozation, school, company, etc.. most follow this rule and must maintain a minimal amount of minoritites in their population.
I got accepeted to Harvard, but it was taken back because they had to maintain the affirmative action laws and i lost my place to some fucking black because someone of his color had to bitch. But if I did that, i'd be charged with hate crimes and be labeled a racist.
by STCC0313 March 20, 2008
The one word that causes such a controversy when used, due to years of racial disregard toward blacks. However, sadly it used by the same people, as a word of friendship now. But if you are white, and unless you don't care, don't use. Nobody should use it. But, a word that has brought so much hatred and hurt is now freely used among themsleves. So here's to you, my nigger.
Black Man: Fuck you Cracker.
White Man: Cracker? You fucking Nigger!
Black Man: Ill kill you!
White Man: I'll kill you first!
by STCC0313 March 20, 2008
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