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1- To be in control of something using brutal force and/or abusive power. 2- Also often used as a adjective, as in 'Tha Regulata', or one who regulates.
I'ma have to regulate this suckah if he doesnt quit.

He's a true king, he is tha regulata.
by ST3 October 12, 2004
The illest of them all, an internet god and king himself, created by none other than Steve.
Yo this boi steve is Tha Regulata if ya undahstand me?!
by ST3 October 12, 2004
When the club shuts down and everyone is forced out the door, causing a mob of people outside of the club. Typical spill outs usually have their fair share of fights, hookers, crack heads, bums, and cops. If you are one to look for a fight after a night of drinking, it's conventional to do it during the spill out. However, this is very tricky because there are usually cops everywhere looking for drunk idiots like yourself, and we aren't trying to get arrested.
"yo Jimmy we need to find some girls to bring back to the crib"
"nah nigga wait for the spill out"
by st3 December 18, 2007

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