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a fart out of your dick. similar to a queef but for a guy. more of an insult than a real thing
-guy 1 "ha did u just fart"
-guy 2"ummmmm no"
-guy 1"thn where did tht come frm........hol shit dude u quaf waffled urself.
-guy 2"there is no such thing as a quaf waffle"
-guy 1" well u just did it........freak"
#queef #penis #fart #quafwaffle #penis fart
by ST.ZEUS13 June 22, 2009
the act of standing behind somebody and using the shadow of your body to make an appropriate shadow puppets/symbols on thm
me and Andrew were chillin at football practice and we shadow rape coach since everyone was cracking up he made us do up downs
#rape #shadow #puppets #yup #sex
by st.zeus13 September 28, 2009
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