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Riordan is a small place in The Netherlands, from 1870 it wasn't even recorded in the foundation registry until 2009. Now it's a acknowledged place with a population of 1800 people and they are called: "Riordanees". Riordans Moeder is the name for the only motel located there. On the day of its grand opening every Riordanees was invited to spend the night there free of charge.
Dude, i totally spend the night in Riordan's Moeder last night.
#riordan #riordans #moeder #riordans moeder #riordan moeder
by SSnoicebox April 23, 2009
A site/forum lurker, he's always there but you never know for shure...
Also known as: SSnoicebox, ShadyShadow, Twitch and ShadyShadows_production
#shadyshadow #shady #shadow #ss #ssnoicebox #shadyshadows_production
by SSnoicebox April 15, 2009
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