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Keep Feeding That Duck

Used to indicate a prolonged period of boredom accompanied by total lack of energy, mood and motivation...

Derived from the Greek version of the famous song of Lou Reed "Perfect Day", performed by Dionyssios Savvopoulos (thought to be an artist of quality). At some point the singer refers to someone who feeds ducks on a park. This is then moked by Jimmy Panousis (great stand up comedian) who said that only a heroin junkie would find pleasure out of feeding ducks out in the park.
- How is work today ?

- Really awful; you cant imagine how boring it is...

- Oh OK, sorry for interrupting your busy schedule, KFTD.
by SPLL May 23, 2011
A punk ass bitch
Hey do you see that frat boy over there wearing a lax pinnie and a blazer? What a fuck boy.
by Spll January 08, 2015

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