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Someone who believes that the existence of god can neither be proven nor disproven, or is completely unknowable at this point. An agnostic makes no assumptions regarding a god's existence.

An agnostic is also a "weak" atheist, one who is absent of belief in god, but also absent of a non-belief in god.

Common belief dictates that agnosticism is more rational than "strong" atheism, but by this logic, the only "rational" belief would be one of extreme philosophical skepticism in regards to everything, as it is impossible to prove or disprove something with 100% certainty. I doubt you would find many theistic agnostics, however, who are agnostic in regards to something like the existence of fairies in their backyards. It can therefore be argued that some agnostics are inconsistent in their beliefs.
Agnostic: "Gods existence can neither be proven nor disproven, or is unknowable at this point."
Strong Atheist: "God does not exist."
Theist: "God does exist."

Christian Fundamentalist: "lol stupid agnosticz what kind of word is that anyway? nywayz, enjoy ur eternity in hell while i'm up in heaven with baby jesuz lusers!!!!!11one"
by SOKFHES8584 September 23, 2006
A Misanthrope is someone who hates the human race.

Most misanthropes are self-pitying children/adolescents who think that being misanthropic makes them "deep", "meaningful", intelligent and/or notable. They are sadly mistaken.
"Depressed" Teenager: "Man, I hate the human race string of swear words, I'm just so much better than everyone because everyone else is stupid and doesnt understand me or my views, yo string of swear words, I am such a misanthrope, yo"
by SOKFHES8584 September 23, 2006

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