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a gay ) guy from uraguay who likes to travel and sample lots of alcoholic bevarges along the way..likes other men to carry his shopping bags.. hopes to have a baby with his gay male partner , even though it is BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO POP TART A LIFE OUT OF YOUR ANUS NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!! so on this realisation he decides he is now bi / lesbian so he can mack on to an ususpecting naive female in the hope of getting her seriously duffed,as a result she may have faecel matter festering in her vagina because,he forgot TO MENTION HE IS IN FACT GAY AND LIVING A SECRET LIFE!!
really its just such a betrayal( nothing wrong with it, being gay or watever unless u lie about it)..
paco: hi i am from uraguay unsupecting female: ohh really blah blah blah.. everyone else: how the hell did she not get it?? ten months later she pops one out and gets a cracking std in the meantime..because he never mentioned there was another man in the relationship..

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