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Basically the most fun...ever. The best winter sport period. Altho in response to "the angry gnome" I'm one of those little effers that just jib...because i have no place to go backcountry. So yeah, I wont say snowboarding is better then skiing...because i ahev never gone skiiing...but all those little 6 yr old rich skiiers on the hill certainly PISS ME OFF
Dumb Kid at my school: "Hey look, that kid thinks she's so cool because she thinks she can snowboard"
me: *flawlessly grinds a rail*
Dumb kid: *faints because of my awesomeness*
Other dumb kid "Maybe i should try snowboarding..."
#burton #snowboard #jibbing #backcountry #skiing
by SNOWBOARDINGisLIFE August 16, 2007
Actually a pretty cool store for people who are posers and think "Awwwww sweet I'm gonna be a skater cause I bought a shirt that says "Element" on it and one that says "Hurley" Haha, Duhhrrr"
Or for people who are skaters and know what the brand names are. Like me :D Actually...I'm a snowboarder...but w.e
They Have nice sweatshirts and hoodies that can be kinda of expensive and nice graphic tee's with cool designs
Katie "Haha...Lets go to Pac Sun cause I wanna be a skater...so i'm gonna look like I am"
Me: Your an Idiot.
#element #hurley #snowboard #skateboard #clothes store
by SNOWBOARDINGisLIFE August 16, 2007
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