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corporate whore who fakes compassion to gain the trust of the general public. Often a complete fuckwit.

Someone who would rather suck thier fathers cock than answer a question honestly.

see: liar, whore, fake.
George Bush, Tony Blair, Margret Thatcher, Ron Davis.

iEcl. Rhodri Morgan/i
by snap March 16, 2003
a glam metal band that emerged mid 2001. The debut album contains mostly frankenstein drag queens from planet13 songs but they are great.
very tougue-in-cheek and do not take themselves seriously. The greatest band to emerge in a long time.
person1:murderdolls? who are they?
person2: Like Alice cooper, kiss, motley crue and afi mashed together with some dawn of the dead thrown in for good measure
by SNAP September 19, 2003
neighborhood right outside downtown montreal, upper/middle class residents, safe...the anglos fucking rule by the way! beautiful houses, good shopping, nice people.
i was walking through westmount one day and wished that i could afford to live there.
by snap March 19, 2005
Word to describe a girl who is amazing in bed, has amazing intelligence and is amazingly nice. Basically she is amazing!
''Just got a ride off a sophi, it was amazing!''
#sexy #amazing #smart #sophie #nom
by snaP February 25, 2012
a northern graffiti tag found mainly around consett
All inciries to: ME23
by snap November 18, 2004
The largest form of rat hood. Usually overly uses the word "snap!". Is closely related to the Rogue Scoundrel. These creatures are sneaky and should be exterminated on sight.
Hey, theres Walkington, that kid is a dill, a rat dill! Hey RAT!
by SNAP December 13, 2004
If your "bout it bout it" then do it and quit talkin shit
nuck if you buck nigga
by snap March 11, 2005
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