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4 definitions by SMgangsta760

a soldier is someone who fights for their country and in what they believe. even if it means death.
poor people that live in the (ghetto) and like to shoot people should not be called a soldier. to be a soldier means much more than street slang.
by SMgangsta760 January 13, 2005
1003 346
a real gangster. organized crime. gangsters now and days think their tough just becuz they are poor. crips, bloods, street gangs are all fake wannabe's. the mafia is the real gangsters.
pat aka bob dont know shit. stupid motherfucker, they may not still be around but they were the first and only real gangsters.
by SMgangsta760 January 15, 2005
654 208
christians saviour. Gods son.
my #1 homie above everyone else
by SMgangsta760 January 13, 2005
419 416
best state in america! where all the real gangstas live. fuck all you fake east coast bitches from new york!
reppin the west coast! cali till i die.
by SMgangsta760 January 13, 2005
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