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A derivative of the commonly used internet acronym 'lol', which if you have been living under a rock (and consequently can't see this webpage), stands for "Laughing Out Loud".

'p0p' came about through a typography error made by noise theory user will (will smith, no relation to the actor), who incidently hit p 0 p instead of l o l. You will notice if you position your eyes towards your keyboard that the keys are very close to one another.

Since this fateful evening the term p0p has become ever so popular among the noise theory community and beyond. That is all for now
Person 1: *says something funny, lol etc rolf*
Person 2: hahalololp0p0p!~~
by SMPC Justin August 04, 2006
SMPC stands for Sweet Mosh Parts Crew. Founded by the one and only OTI (on the island) crew including Justin, Lochlan, Will, Francis, Adrian, and Clintorus! We're all about sweet mosh parts. We live for sweet mosh parts. The perfect song would be a song that only consisted of sweet mosh parts and nothing else.
Person 1: hey yo, who are those totally sweet dudes with all them bitchez hangin off 'em?

Person 2: Yo brah its dose Smpc guyz, they are totally the sweetest, i wish we were like them.
by SMPC Justin August 04, 2006

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