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A High School that's ethnic diversity is interesting, but for the fact that more then 50% of the school is full of Wanna-be Ghettos who are annoying and wouldn't know how to be a real person without faking a label if it bit them in the butt. Also, the IQ seems to drop everyday, any school even MERRITT ISLAND HIGH SCHOOL is better then Rockledge (this includes Viera, Space Coast, Cocoa, etc) Rockledge High School is full of reject teachers that couldn't make it into actual schools because they don't know how to teach, therefore the students get even dumber then they were, which is sadly possible.
Mom: Rockledge High School has seriously down graded since I went there.

Child: You think? Rockledge High School is the WORST!
by SMARTrockledgestudent April 18, 2011

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