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3 definitions by SMAC

is when you're stuck without anywhere to take a dump, so you dump in your hand. Comes from tradition in Nepal, where the word for "hand" is the same for the word for "toilet".
Dude, on the way to work today I took a Nepalese hand sandwich!

WTF bro?

I was stuck in traffic without anywhere to take a dump so I had to take a dump in my hand and toss it out the window.
by SMaC April 02, 2014
a performer who can go from one end of the spectrum to the other without completely losing themself and killing the masses.

its basically all the "paths" and "phrenias" wrapped into one word
That comedian went spectropath on stage last night !
by SMAC June 27, 2012
What the heck is up with my donkey hole?
by Smac August 12, 2003