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Where the Conservatives refuse to raise taxes but continue to spend more than they have so then borrow from other countries like China until the deficit is more than can ever be paid back.
The Spend and Borrow Conservatives (Republicans) cut taxes for the rich then make a war that costs billions a month, in order to pay for the war they borrow from China.

The Spend and Borrow Conservatives make all kinds of rules for the schools then don't fund them, after all why not just borrow the money from someone else, thats the spend and borrow way.
by SLCB August 11, 2008
An Apple/Macintosh computer wizard. Considered better than a computer guru.
The Macintosh computer wasn't working until Dalaimama gently touched the mouse and gave the monitor a knowing glance.
by SLCB August 11, 2008

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