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When someone is wearing a nice brand new white t-shirt, also known as a 'T'.
Steve: Yo Dave blunt, you av a banging fresh t on the go dawg

Dave: Cheers geez. I bought loads of freshties from the store.
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
Another word for 'hash brown'. Often used by gangsters.

Also can be used to describe a bad situation.
Steve: Dave mate, I just went to the shop to buy some phat oosh broons but they were sold out.

Dave: Aw man this situation is oosh broon
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
Word used in the hood as an abbreviation for cans of cheap cider.

eg white lightning
frosty jack
white star
Dave: Steve get CIDS!

by SKooBla April 26, 2006
Used to describe a nasty lookin bitch, who won't get any meat, thus she is a vegetarian and therefore a 'vezzie burger'
Steve: Dave your mum is such a vezzie burger! I bet she never had meat in her life
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
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