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4 definitions by SKooBla

When someone is wearing a nice brand new white t-shirt, also known as a 'T'.
Steve: Yo Dave blunt, you av a banging fresh t on the go dawg

Dave: Cheers geez. I bought loads of freshties from the store.
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
2 3
Another word for 'hash brown'. Often used by gangsters.

Also can be used to describe a bad situation.
Steve: Dave mate, I just went to the shop to buy some phat oosh broons but they were sold out.

Dave: Aw man this situation is oosh broon
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
1 7
Word used in the hood as an abbreviation for cans of cheap cider.

eg white lightning
frosty jack
white star
Dave: Steve get CIDS!

by SKooBla April 26, 2006
1 10
Used to describe a nasty lookin bitch, who won't get any meat, thus she is a vegetarian and therefore a 'vezzie burger'
Steve: Dave your mum is such a vezzie burger! I bet she never had meat in her life
by SKooBla April 26, 2006
2 38