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A "Noel" is a seemingly odd person on the outside. She tends to fart and burp, but is immune to drooling when asleep. However, a "Noel" has the characterstics of a Lion, or in spanish, "LEON" (yes that is NOEL spelled backwards). For example, when she is asleep, she may growl like a leon and then pounce on a innocent bystander completely unconscious.

Despite this seemgingly irate behavior, a "Noel" is like a marshmallow on the inside. No... that does not mean she is full of sugary goodness nor does it mean she is part "smore", but rather, the metaphor describes her as a soft, kind, caring person. LIKE THE MICHELIN TIRE MAN (who actually does seem to be made of marshmallows... fancy that).

There is also a phenomenon that is present in a "Noel". A "Noel" will typically make her own belongings vanish. Scientists are unsure of why or how certain belongings get lost, but empirical evidence has shown that a Noel will lose any one item at least once a month. This phenomenon has stymied researchers at Harvard and Yale, and the National Science Society is planning to make a new branch of science called, "Noelology".

A "Noel" has often been used to describe something sublimely awesome.
As a noun... "That girl is such a NOEL!"

In the present-progressive tense (Noellin' instead of Ballin')... "Dude, that's so noellin'"
by SKimmy Milk? January 31, 2009
An article of clothing for people with TWO legs. It was made popular during the California Gold rush in the United States. A jean is awesome because it typically fits the contours of a person's butt, be it lumpy, skinny, or "just right". Sometimes really ghetto people will wear jeans that are exceptionally baggy... these people often get shot for doing dumb things like carrying marijuana, heroin, oxycontin, crack-cocaine, etc. in their JEANS. A jean is so ubiquitious that babies have often times replaced their teddy bears with a jean. Now babies all across the world sleep heavenly as they grasp tightly onto their jean.
I like jeans.
by SKimmy Milk? January 31, 2009

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