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The audience of live fighting game video streams, who inhabit its chatrooms and supply irreverent commentary.
Such a clutch win by Combofiend! The stream monsters are going absolutely wild!
by SJCrew October 01, 2011
A state of utter defeat. Often used to exaggerate one's victory/loss in competitive sports or gaming.
"Dude, those guys weren't even a challenge. We played three games and I destroyed them in every single one. It was massacre."
by SJCrew February 16, 2012
A once in-a-year spawn that occurs in competitive first-person shooters when you die during a gunfight, then revive in the enemy's base or close to the game's objective while teammates are nowhere nearby. A nonsense spawn that can turn the tide of battle and win your team the game.
"Can Curse Orange finish Game #1? Down to the last 60 seconds, a five-point advantage... - Look at that spawn from Envy! What is this? Merk with the god spawn!"
by SJCrew December 08, 2014

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