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While having anal intercourse one must yell the phrase "drill, baby, drill" several times. Right before your partner is about to climax you pull out leaving the job unfinished. Ideally you should then cum all over their clean laundry, sofa, or other valuable item then cover up by saying "environmental disasters are a part of life, its not my job to clean it up". You then go on a speaking tour charging mutual friends $10 a pop to retell the story.

P.s. Bonus points are awarded if while on top of a fat chick you state "I can see russia from up here".
I pulled the old "Wasilla withdraw" on my ex last night. Want to hear the story? Only cost you $10.
by si_ex_pat September 04, 2010
Excessive boob job.

When a woman increases her bra size by at least 3 cups and lacks the extra skin to make it look even remotely human. Results in what looks like two bowlingballs trying to break out of a thin plastic bag.
Did you see Jen lately? She totally jwowwed and went from an A cup to double Ds. Too bad she didnt do anything about her man face though.
by SI_ex_pat February 08, 2010
When one inserts their testicles into an unsuspecting guest's drink before serving it to them.

To "Tea Bag" a drink.
When Jeff saw his ex at a bar he gave her a Tea on the Rocks.
by SI_Ex_Pat January 15, 2010
Person who intentionaly walks into someone elses picture or video. Usually making rabbit ears, flashing a peace sign, or some other lame gesture.
I was taking a picture of my friends at a bar when some frame jumper wandered by and stuck his head in the shot.
by si_ex_pat September 13, 2010
Person or object used by males to block advances from memebers of the same sex.
I had to go to a gay bar with my friend Christopher the other night so I invited my friend Laura to go and pretend to be my girl friend and act as a Flame Retardant.
by SI_ex_pat February 08, 2010
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