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Anyone with an association to one of the most respected academic and athletic universities in the world. Also, one of the oldest universities in the U.S., Thee Ohio State Buckeyes have won more national championships, bowl games, and conferance titles than most schools in the country. Home of 2 of the greatest coaches in college football history (Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel), Thee Ohio State Buckeyes are tied for most Heisman winners at 7 with Notre Dame. The only school to have a single player win the award twice. One of the most dominant athletic forces in the nation, especially during the 1st 10 years of the millenium in all departments. The Buckeyes are also one of the most hated on juggernauts in the U.S. due to pure talent and heart. In 2011 A witch hunt was held against Jim Tressel, 5 Buckeye football stars, and subsequently the rest of the school over a moronoic rule that players cannot sell awards that they earned for any reason. BOLLOCKS!!! Also the greatest fan base in the world cheer the Buckeyes. Oh, and the rival of the Michigan wolverines (A.K.A. cupcake university) who continue to be crushed at every meeting in the last 7 years straight. Not to mention about to take the lead in wins vs loses between the two rivals. Greates rivalry in sports. EVER!!
The Ohio State Buckeyes are studs that stomp out the team up north with no mercy.
#hatorade #studs #pimps #juggernaut #buckeyes #osu #ohio state #thee ohio state university #champs #bcs #ncaa #tressel #woody hayes #buck nutty #what now bitch!
by SIZZLLIN March 24, 2011
United States Marine Corps.
Formed at Tuns Tavern, Philadelphia, PA on November 10, 1775. An elite fighting force that is a branch of the U.S. Navy, which is the only fighting force controlled directly by the President. Meaning that while Congress is deciding whether to send the Army, Navy, or Air Force to battle, the Marines are already on the way. This organization has the lowest budget of all military and defense spending. While the Army and other branches have satelite com. the marines are still making it happen with short wave radios and tins cans attached with string. The English Bulldog is the Marine Corps' mascot. Semper Fidelis (semper fi) is the Corps' motto, meaning always faithful. Honor, Courage, Commitment are the core values. While there are more than a million people in the other branches of military, there are only a couple hundred thousand Marines. This would be why you hear the popular Marines slogan, "The few, the proud, The MARINES".

Marine Corps Recruit Training Depots are located at Camp Pendleton and Parris Island. If a person is in another branch of the service and transfers to the Marines they must go through Recruit Training even though they have been through boot camp before. This gives you an idea of how hardcore, badass, muthafuckin killin machines are made. Tha modern day 300 spartans.

Proud father- You don't want to go to the army son. Join the USMC. Marines, now they're who women want to fuck!!

Terrorist- oh no....it's the Marines!!!!!

Marine- Welcome to thunder dome bitch!!
#corps #marines #killa #killer #elite #fight #battle #courage #honor #semper fi #spartans #300 #uh oh #pride #proud #moh #commandant #bulldog #english bulldog #pussy getter
by SIZZLLIN March 19, 2011
the last book of the Holy Bible. Also known as the book of revelation, and full name being St. John's Revelation. This book of the Bible describes visions and a "Revelation" seen by St. John in which he goes to Heaven. He is shown a many wonderfuil and disturbig things regarding things that are and will be. This book illustrates the second coming of Jesus Christ to bring his children to Heaven. The rapture, and 7 year tribulation period made of 3 1/2 years of peace, and 3 1/2 yers of war.The book describes the coming and setting up of a one world government (NWO), currency, religion, mark of the beast (RFID chip) and the coming to power of the Anti Christ. The plagues, natural disasters, and final battle of Armageddon in the place known as Megiddo where the final battle of good and evil will happen. The 4 horsemen of the apocolypse came from this book. It will bring the end of the world as we know it and every human that has ever lived will be brought before God for judgement to see if you get to live in perfect love and bliss forever, or get to be the main course of an eternal barbecue.
The book of revelation is scary and wonderful at the same time.
#revelation #bible #armageddon #apocolypse #tribulation #rapture #antichrist #second coming #jesus christ #4 horsemen #nwo #rfid chip
by SIZZLLIN April 21, 2011
6 black teenagers that lynched a white boy, who was hospitalized for over 3 weeks and obtained permanent brain damage due to the lynching.
The issue began over a tree known by most students of mixed cultures as the "Prep Tree", and to a few black kids as the "White Tree". Some black kids sat under the tree and conicidentally the next day there were 3 ropes hanging from the tree. The ropes were a prank against 3 white members of the Rodeo team and had no racial purpose or message.
Due to persistant racial tensions created by special interest groups (KKK, NAACP, La Raza, etc.) a cultural wall of resentment was built.
Following a party crash by some black students with no invitation,even though their friends were at the party, escalated into more than 1 fights ,expelling a few people who were already at the party rightfully. one of the Jena 6 attackers was a crasher . Aother altercation resulting in that same attacker/crasher and a couple other black teenagers scuffling with an older man and stealing his shotgun. 6 black teenagers then beat, and dogg stomped an innocent white teenager unconcious.
The teenagers were tried and since one of them had a prior record and was over 18, he was tried as an adult. The NAACP then, with a multitude of college students and community members not knowing all the details protested this now racial injustice. They spun the story to make it look like the white boy deserved it. The attackers were let go after a conviction, and slap on the wrist.
Intelligent White guy

Jena 6 was just another situation used to perpetuate racial tensions in the U.S. today, when most people have risen above the ignorance and dumb ass idea of racism.

Intelligent Black guy

Yeah, it would be nice if another Jena 6 incident never happened again, but so many people in the spot light and media are still to dumb to understand the idea that there is only one race in othe world. The human race.
#jena 6 #racial injustice #sham #special interest #attack #prejudice #racist #reverse racism #stupid #ignorant #double standard
by SIZZLLIN March 10, 2011
facts that piss people off.
the 1 supreme race=human race.
God is real and with the faith of a mustard seed you can walk on water. Jesus did.
The governments of the world are ruled by elitists, international bankers.
The revolutionary war fought for fiscal freedom from The Central Bank of England.(taxation w/out representation)
KKK, NAACP, La Raza are special interest groups in America that perpetuate prejudice.
The Quran and Bible preach violence, death or peace, love depending on interpretation.
TV, entertainment, web=tools to spread propaganda to promote agendas and keep people distracted of what is important. And misinform the masses of what is really going on and why.
Illegal Immigration won't stop since the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are in the near future coming together as a North American Union. (peace and prosperity partnership signed 2006)
The RFID chip is in health care bill. (IBM already has TV, internet commercials attempting to popularize).
WEED is illegal since more $ can be made, that way big pharma can make money to pump our bodies full of shit. if you take too much prescription medication your asshole will turn inside out and start talking to you?
Maria- Why is the FBi not hunting Osama Bin Laden for 9/11?
Quan- The truth is that they have no real evidence linking Osama to the attacks on 9/11, only a conspiracy theory
#true #ouch #hurts #revelation #power #non fiction
by SIZZLLIN April 21, 2011
paddys lamentation is a song about the Irish immigrants who came to America during the 19th century. About the Irish men and boys who as soon as they got off the boat had a rifle put in his hand, forced to fight for the union army for someone else'e freedom.
Paddys Lamentation can be heard in the movie Gangs of New York.
#irish #folk song #ireland #irish american #eire #gangs of new york
by SIZZLLIN April 26, 2011
to let someone have the last few hits on your cigarette
Yo, bust me shortz on a square
#bust me #shortz #square #cigarette #bust me down #fag #hit
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011
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